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Body Care Treatments

Body Wrap

Exfoliation with either a sugar scrub OR dry brush followed with a masque applied full body, including back. You are then wrapped snuggly in plastic, bundled inside a solar blanket & wool blanket for 10-15 minutes. The solar blanket reflects your body heat back onto you and the wool blanket keeps it trapped so you stay cozy. Warm towels will be used to remove product, lastly a lotion application will finish the service.

Exfoliating Body Treatment

Full body exfoliation including back, using a sugar scrub OR dry brush, warm towels to remove product, followed by a lotion application with light massage.

Rejuvenating Treatment

Beginning with facial pressure points, scalp, neck & shoulder massage, hand & arm massage, lower leg & foot massage, exfoliating back treatment followed by a lotion application.

Back Treatment

This is a "Facial" for your back. Beginning with an exfoliating cleanse, enzyme treatment, extractions if needed, masque lightly massaged into the skin, finished with a hydrating moisturizer.





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